Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What's DEMONCRACY118 ?
"DEMONCRACY118" is just a name ,a symbol or whatever that you wanna know by yourself. but for ourself "DEMONCRACY118" is referred to homophone word "DEMOCRACY" , its mean system of government, not shown "N" alphabet. And the meaning of this name come from DEMON(monster or devil) + CRAZY(funny above madly) = DEMONCRACY ,that's mean a system of crazy government by the demons. And one more thing is a number 118. It's nothing special. By the way cause of there have somebody got a pure name "DEMONCRACY" already. It's no more chance for us. that's a reason why. so that is it.

i hope after the "1st" topic. it should have "2nd" , "3rd" next.... and more.